„How to flourish as a psychotherapist“ – Brett Kahr gibt Tipps

Der Psychotherapeut Brett Kahr schreibt in seinem Buch „How to flourish as a psychotherapist“ darüber, was es heißt, ein guter Psychotherapeut/Psychoanalytiker zu sein. Ein Auszug:

„The competent psychotherapist must never oversleep, must never get stuck in traffic, and must never double-book a session. We must have had a good night’s sleep in order to awaken on time, and we must leave our home sufficiently early in order to arrive at the office well in advance of the start of the session. In doing so, we demonstrate our dependability, thus creating a climate in which patients might begin to trust us with their most precious and private confessions. Even when feeling tired or poorly, the good psychotherapist does not cancel sessions. We trudge through our working day and our working week by remaining completely available to those who seek our succour. No surgeon would ever abandon a patient mid-operation, and we simply cannot do that either.“ – Brett Kahr, How to Flourish as a Psychotherapist, gepostet von Sebastian Thrul auf Facebook.

Einen Vorgeschmack bietet auch das Youtube-Video UKCP Event: How to flourish a psychotherapist.

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